Salary Cuts Aimed Corona-virus Outbreak

In accordance to the Ministerial resolution No. (279) of 2020 on Employment Stability in privet sector during the period of Application of Precautionary Measures to curb the spread of Novel Coronavirus ; All the establishments affected by such precautionary measure and wishing to recognize their work shall progressively with their actions. In agreement with non-national workers as follows:
1. Implement remote working system.
2. Grant paid leave,
3. Grant unpaid leave.
4. Temporary salary reduction during the referenced period.
5. Permanent salary reduction.
Establishment wishing to temporally reduce the salaries of non-national workers during the said period shall;

1. Make a temporarily supplement to the employment contract between the parties thereto, using the template attached hereto, provided that the same expires by the expiry of its term or validity period of this Resolution, whichever is earlier.
2. Renew the supplement mentioned in paragraph ((1) of this article by agreement of both parties
3. Execute the supplement mentioned in paragraph (1) of this article in two copies, one copy for each party, provided that the employer provides such supplement to the Ministry, when so required.

Electronic Bail Instead of Passport in Dubai


Electronic Bail Instead of Passport in Dubai

Gulf News-Dubai: A newly launched smart initiative by Dubai Police since January 2018 in J.A. Police Station enables the suspects involved in certain misdemeanors to keep their passports in their control and not have them seized by prosecutors.

Suspects, who involve in particular offenses, can start obtaining an electronic bail without having to keep their passports or those of their guarantors in the possession of the Dubai Public Prosecution as per the ‘Smart Bail’ initiative, Prosecutor General Ali Humaid Bin Khatem told Gulf News on Monday.

Offense cases

The service applies on suspects involved in misdemeanor cases of crimes such as bounce cheques, cursing/insulting, breach of trust, drinking alcohol, assault and petit embezzlement and thefts and other minor offences.

As per the smart bail, the suspects will not be asked to give up their passport but they will not be allowed to leave the UAE. This initiative acts as an ‘electronic guarantee’ that the suspect attends the prosecution’s investigation or the trial.

Do Landlord have the right to increase the Rent in Dubai?

Decree No 43 of 2013 regulates rental increases as follows:
  • No increase is allowed if the existing rent is up to 10% less than the average rental for similar real property units in the same location.
  • 5% increase is allowed if the rent is 11–20% less than the average.
  • 10% increase if the rent is 21–30% less than the average.
  • 15% increase if the rent is 31–40% less than the average.
The DLD has a free Rent Increase Calculator, based on the rent index, readily accessible on its website to check whether any increase in the annual rent applies. 0% increase if the rent is more than 40 per cent less than the average.

New Branch of Dubai Court


Dubai Court is delighted to announce that they have a new branch at Wafi Mall to provide the Legal Services listed in below:

  1. Amicable Settlement of Dispute

  2. Notary Public

  3. Attestation Personal Status

Address: First Floor, Wafi Mall, Umm Hurair, Dubai

How can I discount my debts with banks?

How to discount debts with banks in Dubai?

While it would be great if we all had plenty money to fund all of living costs without concern, we know that’s not the case. Sometimes we have to borrow a little to keep moving forward, and that’s when a personal loan can be a good solution. However, after that, it may gradually turn into an issue.

The terms of credit cards are very clear, but unfortunately some consumers may not take their time to pay attention to the terms and conditions.

Over the past five years, we have restructured many outstanding loans for clients based on our experience and knowledge in banking rules and regulations in order to reduce the interest rate according to their current income and financial capabilities.

If you are aware of those who are in default payment or paying the installments are becoming a nightmare, please contact us for a free legal advice before it’s too late.

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