When Landlord may demand eviction of the tenant ?

Landlord may demand eviction of tenant upon expiry of tenancy contract in the following cases:
  • If development requirements in the Emirate requires demolition and reconstruction of the property in accordance with government authorities instructions.
  • If the property requires renovation or comprehensive maintenance which cannot be executed while tenant is occupying the property, provided that a technical report attested by Dubai Municipality is to be submitted to this effect.
  • If landlord wishes to demolish the property for reconstruction or to add new constructions that prevent tenant from benefiting from the leased property, provided that necessary licenses are obtained.
  • If landlord wishes to recover the property for use by him personally or by his next of kin of first degree.
However, in all above mentioned four cases, landlord must notify tenant with reasons of eviction at least ninety (90) days prior to expiry date of tenancy contract. Article:
If upon expiry of the tenancy period, the landlord demands recovery of the property for his own use, or use by his first degree next of kin, and the Committee approves the same, then landlord shall not rent the property to others before one year from date of recovery of the property, otherwise the tenant shall have the right to request the Committee to order proper compensation to him.

How To Choose The Best Lawyer or Law Firm in Dubai?


Tips for choosing the best lawyer or Law firm in Dubai?

Legal services are like any other product: the wise customer conducts a research before making a final decision.

Once short listed several lawyer referrals with knowledge in the appropriate practice area, then should carefully research each candidate. Below are three tips to choosing the best lawyer in Dubai for your legal assistance.

Conduct Interviews

One of the best ways to consider a lawyer’s legal capability is by meeting & interviewing the lawyer. Most lawyers will provide an initial consultation (usually an hour or less) free of charge.
Remember that a higher fee does not necessarily connect with a more qualified lawyer.

Consult Other Attorneys

Usually lawyers know more about the skill and reputation of other lawyers. Lawyers may be able to offer information about another lawyer which you may not find in a book or online such as information about a lawyer’s integrities, capability level, demeanor, practice behaviors and reputation.

Check Lawyer’s Law Office

You can know a lot about lawyers from their office. Request a short tour of his office, beyond the office or conference room where you met with the lawyer.

Is the law office well-ordered, well-organized and well-run? What kind of support staff does the lawyer employ? Does staff act friendly and helpful? Is the lawyer’s office local and simply accessible? Is a large portion of the office space unoccupied? Look for red flags such as mass disarray, unhappy staff, empty offices and unattended phone calls.

Family Law | Divorce, Paternity, Custody, Spousal & Child Support in Dubai


Family law is the law that contracts with marriage and divorce, paternity, custody, spousal and child support, along with the many issues that come up with the married people, or people who are having children, and perhaps getting divorced. Family law also involve adoptions, custody, domestic violence, and grandparents’ rights.

Marital agreements are the agreements you and your partner can enter into before the marriage ,  during your marriage and if you decide to end your marriage.

we are dedicated to offering you the highest level of legal support possible during this difficult time. It is important to our team that your rights and best interests are always maintained. We are staying in close communication with our clients, addressing worries as they arise, and going the extra mile in and out of the courtroom.

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What is the penalty for drugs in Dubai?


The Government of Dubai as well as other emirates in U.A.E. are very strict about the laws associated to possession and use of drugs and narcotics. AS per U.A.E.’s Law the regular minimum jail sentence for possession of drugs is 4 years followed by deportation. Possession of Drug in Dubai for the purpose of trafficking or promotion is punishable by death. For certain scheduled drugs, the punishment is death only upon recidivism.

There are number of medicines that are legally used in other countries, but, U.A.E. considers them as drugs and as a tourist or U.A.E. residence you must always check the laws and regulations before you enter U.A.E.

As per our case records, most of the people were arrested at the airport as they enter U.A.E. with possession of drugs for sale or personal use.

This rule is implemented by UAE Government for the purpose of happiness and safety of all families and people, especially the youth residing in Dubai and all UAE residences support and rank this Law.

Please contact us for legal assistance or consultation of legal cases related to drugs in Dubai.

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Dishonor of Cheque


Article 401 of the Penal Code of the UAE states that “A punishment of confinement or a fine shall be inflicted upon any person who, in bad faith draws a cheque without no existing or withdrawal provision, or after issuing the cheque, withdraws all or part of the fund so the balance becomes insufficient to settle the amount of the cheque, any person who endorses or delivers to another cheque payable to the bearer, whilst being aware that there are no existing funds covering its value, or it cannot be drawn, shall be liable to the same punishment.”

The aforementioned is the summaries of the outcome of Dishonour of cheque only however the cheque can be issued for different occasion and will have accordingly different outcome as per the subject in below:

  1. Guarantee Cheque
    • Gurantee cheque issued in favor of banks and finance
    • Issued in favour of Indivdial
  2. Corporate cheque or personal Cheque
  3. Post Dated Cheque or Current date Cheque
  4. Discounted Cheque
  5. Blank Cheque
  6. Lost Cheque
  7. Cheque in favor of Land rod
  8. Cheque is issued following to the terms of Agreement

The UAE’s Commercial Transactions Law states that issuing a cheque while knowingly lacking the funds to cover it is a criminal offence. Cheques are widely used as collateral for large purchases and loans made to businesses and consumers.

There has been some movement in the right direction. The Central Bank has endorsed a direct-debit system that will replace cheques in certain transactions, and the establishment of a national credir bureau due by the end of this year, will allow banks to share data on customer lending. These initiatives, coming on top of a December 2012 decree by the President, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa, that federal courts should not accept bounced cheques alone as evidence of a crime, will hopefully ensure the demise of the cheque as an instrument of security on loans.

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