What does the law say about late rent payment?

While tenants are struggling to pay their rent during the COVID-19 pandemic, the landlord’s rights are still secured to claim the rent cheques from the tenants unless the landrod agree to defer the rent temporarily.

In the current situation, it is genuinely encouraging to be witness many developers taking this situation into consideration and considering their commercial profit secondary to their humanitarian concern. They have provided the tenants with more flexibility for their payments. For example, a 2-month grace period which can be further extended or to split the payments into more separate PDC.
Properties investment (PI)- a Dubai Investments joint-venture company engaged in the investment and development of real estate – has announced a 3-month rent relief for all retailers within ‘The Market’ – a dedicated retail avenue, located in the Green Community, Dubai Investments Park.

Meanwhile Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Judicial Council, temporarily suspended all eviction judgements related to residential and commercial facilities in the UAE during March and April, according to a Wednesday 25th of March statement from the Dubai Media Office. The directive also stopped all “imprisonment judgements” linked to rental disputes. However, the ruling does not apply to abandoned homes.

With that said, “While landlords have a robust list of rights to protect them if a tenant cannot pay their rent, under rental laws facilitated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency,
“their priorities right now are to the well-being and safeguarding of tenants”, the Dubai land department said.

The situation changes by the hours so it’s best to keep a close eye on any development and updates on our page or website.

Do Landlord have the right to increase the Rent in Dubai?

Decree No 43 of 2013 regulates rental increases as follows:
  • No increase is allowed if the existing rent is up to 10% less than the average rental for similar real property units in the same location.
  • 5% increase is allowed if the rent is 11–20% less than the average.
  • 10% increase if the rent is 21–30% less than the average.
  • 15% increase if the rent is 31–40% less than the average.
The DLD has a free Rent Increase Calculator, based on the rent index, readily accessible on its website to check whether any increase in the annual rent applies. 0% increase if the rent is more than 40 per cent less than the average.

How can I discount my debts with banks?

How to discount debts with banks in Dubai?

While it would be great if we all had plenty money to fund all of living costs without concern, we know that’s not the case. Sometimes we have to borrow a little to keep moving forward, and that’s when a personal loan can be a good solution. However, after that, it may gradually turn into an issue.

The terms of credit cards are very clear, but unfortunately some consumers may not take their time to pay attention to the terms and conditions.

Over the past five years, we have restructured many outstanding loans for clients based on our experience and knowledge in banking rules and regulations in order to reduce the interest rate according to their current income and financial capabilities.

If you are aware of those who are in default payment or paying the installments are becoming a nightmare, please contact us for a free legal advice before it’s too late.

How to open a case in Dubai?

How to open a case in Dubai?

The elements for opening the case in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Passport copy or Emirates Id of the Claimant/Complainer
  2. Passport copy or trade license copy of the Respondents
  3. Telephone Number and Detailed address of both parties
  4. Evidence and documents with regard to the subject of Dispute, such as Contract, Invoices, cheque copy, Bank’s Statements, Correspondence Emails and any other related documents
  5. Witness’s statement if any
  6. Power of Attorney if any

After completion of the above mentioned list of documents, you will be required to recognize the nature of your case and then you can only follow the procedure accordingly.

For example, all the Labor cases and Divorce Cases will be initiated through the reconciliation Department by appointing of the mediator. If the matter is not resolved amicably between the parties then only the concern Authority will issue the NOC for transferring the matter to the Court.

Reconciliation process has to be initiated in presence of the Applicant and the Attorney can only accompany her/him for the same.

It’s advisable to consult with a Lawyer to understand the entire procedure as per nature of your case to avoid wasting of your time and money.

Private Notary Services

We are honorably authorized to offer the Private Notary Services.
We therefore delegated to provide our professional services for assisting Dubai Court to notarize the documents such as POA, Job offer issued by Ministry of labor, MOA, Legal notice and etc.
In addition, we can provide you the Notary Public services at your place inside the jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates for any urgent transaction at any time.
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