Electronic Bail Instead of Passport in Dubai


Electronic Bail Instead of Passport in Dubai

Gulf News-Dubai: A newly launched smart initiative by Dubai Police since January 2018 in J.A. Police Station enables the suspects involved in certain misdemeanors to keep their passports in their control and not have them seized by prosecutors.

Suspects, who involve in particular offenses, can start obtaining an electronic bail without having to keep their passports or those of their guarantors in the possession of the Dubai Public Prosecution as per the ‘Smart Bail’ initiative, Prosecutor General Ali Humaid Bin Khatem told Gulf News on Monday.

Offense cases

The service applies on suspects involved in misdemeanor cases of crimes such as bounce cheques, cursing/insulting, breach of trust, drinking alcohol, assault and petit embezzlement and thefts and other minor offences.

As per the smart bail, the suspects will not be asked to give up their passport but they will not be allowed to leave the UAE. This initiative acts as an ‘electronic guarantee’ that the suspect attends the prosecution’s investigation or the trial.