What is the penalty for drugs in Dubai?


The Government of Dubai as well as other emirates in U.A.E. are very strict about the laws associated to possession and use of drugs and narcotics. AS per U.A.E.’s Law the regular minimum jail sentence for possession of drugs is 4 years followed by deportation. Possession of Drug in Dubai for the purpose of trafficking or promotion is punishable by death. For certain scheduled drugs, the punishment is death only upon recidivism.

There are number of medicines that are legally used in other countries, but, U.A.E. considers them as drugs and as a tourist or U.A.E. residence you must always check the laws and regulations before you enter U.A.E.

As per our case records, most of the people were arrested at the airport as they enter U.A.E. with possession of drugs for sale or personal use.

This rule is implemented by UAE Government for the purpose of happiness and safety of all families and people, especially the youth residing in Dubai and all UAE residences support and rank this Law.

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