How to open a case in Dubai?

How to open a case in Dubai?

The elements for opening the case in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Passport copy or Emirates Id of the Claimant/Complainer
  2. Passport copy or trade license copy of the Respondents
  3. Telephone Number and Detailed address of both parties
  4. Evidence and documents with regard to the subject of Dispute, such as Contract, Invoices, cheque copy, Bank’s Statements, Correspondence Emails and any other related documents
  5. Witness’s statement if any
  6. Power of Attorney if any

After completion of the above mentioned list of documents, you will be required to recognize the nature of your case and then you can only follow the procedure accordingly.

For example, all the Labor cases and Divorce Cases will be initiated through the reconciliation Department by appointing of the mediator. If the matter is not resolved amicably between the parties then only the concern Authority will issue the NOC for transferring the matter to the Court.

Reconciliation process has to be initiated in presence of the Applicant and the Attorney can only accompany her/him for the same.

It’s advisable to consult with a Lawyer to understand the entire procedure as per nature of your case to avoid wasting of your time and money.