Old Dated Cheques


Many businessmen in Dubai might have many old dated cheques which are expired and kept for long time without taking any actions.Of course you already know that the cheque will be expire after 6 months from the date of issuance and the banks will not accept the aforesaid cheque to be deposited in your accounts any more.

In this situation you have the following options:

  • Request the cheque’s signatory to change the date of your cheque
  • Settle the matter amicably ;


  • Proceed with a civil case to recover your cheque amount. If the cheque is not bounced, you cannot file a criminal case with subject or returned cheque unless you do have an additional document against the person to prove that they’re guilty as a criminal.

Financial Crisis 


These days we are receiving many inquiries in respect of the labor matter from our clients. They are different in details but most of them common in one subject which is ‘”I received the termination letter due to financial crisis”.I therefore would like to highlight the fact that termination due to financial crises is not defined by the labor law and this will be consider as an arbitrary dismissalspecially if the employee and employer are involved and obliged by limited contract.

Compensation of arbitrary dismissal is only desecration of the judge however as per the federal labor law of UAE, the employee is entitled to claim 3 months of his salary including his allowance as a compensation.

Loans & Installments


If you have credit card or loan with U.A.E. banks and you cannot continue with the payment of your installment, please note, we advise you to make balance in your payment in order to always keep your overdue for one months or less in respect to your loan’s installment only to avoid any criminal action against you.
In interim you are invited to request the bank to restructure your payment plan if your age is not close to 60 years old.


Landlord vs Tenants


When can you terminate your tenancy contract ?

1- If the tenant defaults in payment up to 3 months then the landlord has to send a legal notice only for a month and then he can  terminate the contract immediately and get an order for eviction through rental dispute center
2- Send one year notarized legal notice which should indicated the reason of termination along with evidence as follows:

1- Personal Use
2- Illegally Stay
3- Court/or Government’s order
4- Default in payment


Work at Home in Dubai


In case a woman wishes to start a small business at home there is a special license provided by Economic Department of Dubai which is very cost effective for new business startup and it’s valid for one year. However this license can have sole owner of local Emarati. You Must first reserve a name for your business and then provide your business proposal to the economic department. Your license will be issued within 15 days. With this license you have the right to buy, sell and sign contracts on behalf of company and etc. If you are an expat and you have intention to work at home we can assist you.

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