Guarantee Cheque


Please never issue the blank cheque to the company, banks or individual.
As per UAE criminal law, all the guarantee cheques are considered as a liability and the accused person (cheque signatory) has to submit the receipt of paid amount, if he fails to submit the same then he should apply for a bail in order to be out of the custody for preparing the evidence; including the witnesses, bank statment, email and etc.


According to UAE civil law the claim of compensation will not be granted by the judge for the amount which is more than AED 250,000 unless you submit the proper documents such as invoices , expert report, contracts and etc.

Property disputes


For Property Investors in UAE:
As per the signed Sale and Purchase Agreement in Land Department Rules, you need to always make sure that your paid amount is equal to the payment schedule and level of construction, in case your paid amount is less than the level of construction , then the developer (new or old) will take this opportunity to terminate your contract and offer/ sale your unit to the new buyers.

If you have faced similar issue with developers you may contact us to provide you the required legal advise.


Child Custody

Custody of 11 years boys and 13 years girls will be for mother as Shari’a law. This is not applicable for the mothers who remarry after divorce.

Filing a Case


In case you wish to file a complaint in court against individuals or company always make sure to include below list of documents in your petition

  1. Physical address and mobile number of both parties.
  2. Power of attorney if any.
  3. Evidence: emails, receipts, invoices, contract, witnesses.
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