What is the penalty for drugs in Dubai?


The Government of Dubai as well as other emirates in U.A.E. are very strict about the laws associated to possession and use of drugs and narcotics. AS per U.A.E.’s Law the regular minimum jail sentence for possession of drugs is 4 years followed by deportation. Possession of Drug in Dubai for the purpose of trafficking or promotion is punishable by death. For certain scheduled drugs, the punishment is death only upon recidivism.

There are number of medicines that are legally used in other countries, but, U.A.E. considers them as drugs and as a tourist or U.A.E. residence you must always check the laws and regulations before you enter U.A.E.

As per our case records, most of the people were arrested at the airport as they enter U.A.E. with possession of drugs for sale or personal use.

This rule is implemented by UAE Government for the purpose of happiness and safety of all families and people, especially the youth residing in Dubai and all UAE residences support and rank this Law.

Please contact us for legal assistance or consultation of legal cases related to drugs in Dubai.

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New Rules For Expat Driving Licence Renewal


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior issued Ministerial Decree for the year 2017 amending the Implementing Regulations of the Federal Law for the year 1995 regarding traffic laws.
As per the new law, Emiratis should renew their driving license every 10 years and for the expats every five years. The new law also states that motorists are not allowed to drive motorbikes without relevant license.

Work at Home in Dubai


In case a woman wishes to start a small business at home there is a special license provided by Economic Department of Dubai which is very cost effective for new business startup and it’s valid for one year. However this license can have sole owner of local Emarati. You Must first reserve a name for your business and then provide your business proposal to the economic department. Your license will be issued within 15 days. With this license you have the right to buy, sell and sign contracts on behalf of company and etc. If you are an expat and you have intention to work at home we can assist you.



Freelancers are not protected as per UAE labor law. Whoever is working in UAE and earning money , they shall get NOC from the related authorities otherwise they cannot claim their rights in case of any dispute. Example: if you are working as the referrer or broker with the developers and you have not signed any contract or if you do not have the agency card from land department then your claim for the commission is weak before the court.

Sick Leave

Please be aware that the employee must work for further three (3) months after completion of probation period to get paid for used sick leave unless there is a mutual agreement between the parties. ( Article 83-UAE labor law)

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