How to know that you have a legal case in Dubai?

There are numerous types of legal cases such as Criminal, Civil, Real Estate, Ijaarat, Family, labor and Immigration. Dubai Government has different authorities to track or find the records of your cases. Therefore, you first need to recognize and find type of your case in the category. There is no online system in U.A.E for individuals to check their cases online by name or passport number unless you have the case number or reference of complain number. For example if you have a criminal case, you can check your records in any Police Station. Also it is always advisable to apply for a clearance letter from Dubai Police General Head Quarter directly by yourself or through your Lawyer.

Civil, Commercial, Family cases must be checked at the court counter by presence of yourself or the lawyer only.

Labor cases can be checked in Ministry of Labor, Court and Immigration. In case of any absconding case, the Immigration, DNRD is authorized to disclose the information to you or your attorney. Immigration cases such as overstay, visa expiry, forged visa and absconding can be checked inside immigration office or at the airport or in DNRD.

It is always recommended to appoint a Lawyer to check for your record in Police Station or at Dubai Courts.

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