How to contest a traffic fine in Dubai

Dubai: If you believe you didn’t commit a traffic offence or weren’t at a particular place at the time a traffic fine was issued against you, or were driving within the speed limit but the radar flashed, then you can contest the fine, Dubai Police said.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director, traffic department at Dubai Police, told Gulf News that if a motorist can prove his case, the traffic fine will be waived off in less than five days once the case is registered.

“There are many options for individuals to contest a traffic fine in Dubai. Mistakes can happen and it’s the driver’s right to contest a fine if he or she is sure they didn’t commit a traffic violation,” Brigadier Al Mazroui said.

However, Al Mazroui said complainants must carry the supporting documents to prove their case.

Once you have filed a complaint, a special committee will look into your case. The committee consists of six officers — deputy general at traffic department, two traffic control officers, a fines officer, representative of the Financial Supervisory General Headquarters of Dubai Police, and a representative of the Legal Affairs.

If the ruling is in favour of the complainant, the traffic violation will be cancelled immediately.

However, if the ruling doesn’t satisfy the driver then he should take a copy of the findings and approach Dubai Traffic Prosecution, which will issue the final verdict.

“In many cases it’s a mistake in the plate number’s code and easily can be changed and the fine can be erased in less than an hour without a need to go to the special committee. If you think your fine was unfair then please contact us to solve the problem,” Brigadier Al Mazroui added.

How to contest traffic fine:

The driver can go to the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters to file a complaint.

The driver can also call on 04-6063755 or go through the Dubai Police website ( to do the same, or install the Dubai Police app and click on the ‘contest a fine’ link.
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