Child Custody

Custody of 11 years boys and 13 years girls will be for mother as Shari’a law. This is not applicable for the mothers who remarry after divorce.

Filing a Case


In case you wish to file a complaint in court against individuals or company always make sure to include below list of documents in your petition

  1. Physical address and mobile number of both parties.
  2. Power of attorney if any.
  3. Evidence: emails, receipts, invoices, contract, witnesses.

Set up a company

If you wish to set up a new business in Dubai please make sure you follow the below steps accordingly :

1- reserve the trade name with your passport copy

2- fill up the application for the partners and activity

3- prepare the Ejari contract which has to valid for more than a mount

4- submit all documents including ; application form- initial reservation of trade name, passport copies, emirates ID

5- get the pre-approval for your license

6- draft a memorandum of association

7-prepare the stamp for your company

8- within a week the license will be ready

9- open a bank account which it will take usually 2 week


Drive Carefully

According to RTA law, if you get 24 black point within 6 months , your driving license will be suspended for one month.  In case you have more than 24 black points in a year, the driving license will be suspended and your car will be confiscated as well. So to avoid this always check your fines and records through RTA website.

Have a great weekend!


As per UAE’s criminal law, threatening a person of disposing his private information or threatening of causing bodily harm is a crime and the punishment is up to 7 years jail and deportation.