Non- Muslim Wills


All Expats and Investors have right to register their Wills through the court notary public and DIFC. The Expats can decide with regard to the division of their  assets including property, bank’s account, share of the company and etc.

In addition they can add the provision for appointment of the guardianship for their children in case of death. In case the Non -Muslim, Expat is died without having the wills, Sharia law will be applied on their assets  and some of the inheritance  will not receive their full rights as per the law of their country. We have two types of Wills, general and detailed wills.

Example for General wills:  I appoint my wife to be guardianship of my child and be a decision maker for all of my assets. She can own them and have right to do whatever she mind.

Detailed will: I wish to give full right to my oldest daughter only with regard to my banks account in emirates NBAD. I wish to give full right to my son for my properties in Dubai only.

There is a different official charges will be applied when you  have the detailed will for attestation.

Furthermore, DIFC allowed the Expat to include their RAK assets in their wills if any.

Expats have an option to register their wills through Notary public and DIFC. However, the wills should be translated into Arabic for registering in Notary public.