Are you looking to establish your company in Dubai? 


Are you looking to establish your company in Dubai and you wish to know the regulation? Please find here under the summary of the requirement for registration of your business:

First of all, you need to know that Dubai has provided the facility to establish your business in options:

-Inside Dubai

-Free Zone
There is a different regulation, procedure, documentations required to establish your business inside Dubai or in free zone
Inside Dubai:

Economic department is the authority which is authorized by UAE government to

Take care of the companies.

LLC company should have local Emarati partner with share of 51% and foreign investor can own the share of 49%

The manager can be one of those share holders

We have different types of companies which are called sole establishment which can only have one person as an owner who holds 100% of share but they shall be local Emirati.
Freezone areas are still inside Dubai as a location but different authorities are taking care of them including:

-Jebel Ali Freezone


-Silicon oasis



And etc.
Free zone company is in benefit of foreign investors because they may have 100٪ share of the company and no local sponsor is required

However, in case their nature of business is related to sale and marketing they need to get prior approval from economic department to work and sale the items to inside Dubai otherwise their activity will be limited for inside Free zone
We have seen that free zone company is in favor of branches company rather than individuals.