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Property Law of Dubai and Legal Disputes

For Property Investors in UAE: As per the signed Sale and Purchase Agreement in Land Department Rules, you need to always make sure that your paid amount is equal to the payment schedule and level of construction, in case your paid...
The Master Developer of Yuvi Residence project located in Culture Village, Dubai is offering the investors a settlement regarding their invested amount amicably.  According to the recent update of Land Department, it is confirmed that the project has been...
Landlord may demand eviction of tenant upon expiry of tenancy contract in the following cases: If development requirements in the Emirate requires demolition and reconstruction of the property in accordance with government authorities instructions. If the property requires...
Decree No 43 of 2013 regulates rental increases as follows: No increase is allowed if the existing rent is up to 10% less than the average rental for similar real property units in the same location. 5% increase is...
When can you terminate your tenancy contract ? 1- If the tenant defaults in payment up to 3 months then the landlord has to send a legal notice only for a month and then he can  terminate the contract immediately and get...
By end of October 2016 new Oghood registration fees will be increased from 4% to 8%.


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