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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Non- Muslim Wills

All Expats and Investors have right to register their Wills through the court notary public and DIFC. The Expats can decide with regard to the division of their  assets including property, bank’s account, share of the company and etc. In...
Each year, over 100,000 divorces takes place in Dubai. Due to the huge amount of the cases and importance of family, a new facility is built to handle family matters and will start working from October 12,2016. This court is allocated only for...

Divorce Decree

A new procedure has been implemented for issuance of the divorce decree, If there is a judgement or court order for the separation then one of the party must attend the court - Muslim personal status section with their witnesses...
Defendants, their heirs or other successors shall testify under oath to discharge the claim to confirm that they are unaware that their bequeather has died without discharging his debt. Ref: article 639 ( cheque law)

Child Custody

Custody of 11 years boys and 13 years girls will be for mother as Shari'a law. This is not applicable for the mothers who remarry after divorce.


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